A life twist

I haven't posted in a very long time as I was going into surveillance mode. Life started to return back to normal. Hair started coming back and energy was back. Time to conquer the world again.

Becky and I went to Key West to celebrate my clear scan in August.

Tyler and I were getting ready for our trip to Cozumel Mexico at the end of October. Work was starting to go well.

I had a chest scan and blood work and things were still looking good.

Then we went on vacation to Cozumel. This vacation was primarily for Tyler and my 6 year anniversary and to celebrate being clear of cancer. We arrived at the resort on Saturday evening, with our friends Bill and Heidi, and thought it was beautiful. We had a nice day on Sunday hanging out by the pool and ocean, playing cards, snorkeling, etc. Then Tyler suffered a massive heart attack. 2009 would continue to challenge us.

So of course, I started a different blog to keep people updated about the latest 2009 crisis. It is at http://tylerheart.blogspot.com.