I'm now at Priest Lake in Northern Idaho. So I guess I got through my 3rd cycle. The weekend was tough, but again, by Wednesday I was feeling better. My appetite was still slow to return, but is back again.

The lake is beautiful and we have been out on the water a lot. Trying to learn how to water ski again. I had one night where fatigue set in and slept for a couple of hours. Other than that, getting work done and enjoying the lake.

The MRI came back negative. They did find a tiny foci that may explain some of the migraines. But I'm still trying to prepare myself for the skull pain from the Nuelasta shot (if it happens again). The doctor said that 12 - 14 days is not uncommon for the skull pain. Also said to take an Alleve and Vicodin the second I start to fell pain.

There is still some numbness around the incision from the surgery and the scar is still healing. This is two months after the surgery.

The most important thing I'm doing is remembering to drink plenty of fluids.

Next Monday starts the fourth cycle. Deep breaths. I'm just preparing myself to feel bad but will also be counting down the days to my last treatment. Almost there!!

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