3rd Cycle - What is that smell?


I completed my 3rd cycle last week and it looks like there is a cumulative effect. I lost my appetite for food though tried to drink fluids and eat. Not really interested in dinner. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was nothing more than exhaustion and digestive issues. I slept a lot and pretty much felt miserable during the weekend. I popped a lot of anti-nausea pills. Mainly it felt like whatever I ate and drank just sat on my stomach. Monday morning I'm feeling a lot better and was probably due to eating dinner Sunday night.

I also have a heightened sense of smell. I smell dirt that Tyler doesn't notice. Coffee smells bad. I feel like I want a shower constantly. Just the drugs messing with me. I'm hoping this sensitivity goes away in the next couple of days.

Today is my Nuelasta shot (3/4 strength) and my head MRI. The MRI is to satisfy the outstanding question of "why scan my mid-section and upper body, but not my head". I honestly don't want to know the results but I'm sure they will be fine. Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment and then off to Idaho on Thursday.

Last week was also a fairly busy business week which may have sapped my energy also. For the Idaho trip, I made sure I had the location/directions to the local hospital and checked up on what I need to take my prescriptions on the flight. Hopefully everything will be fine and will get some rest. Of course it looks like I will have internet access at the lake so of course I will do some work.

Basically, for me, the 3rd cycle was the one that showed me that I really wasn't going to do this like a cake walk. I'm trying to summon up the courage for cycle 4 and will be overjoyed when that is done. I guess this is the "fight" portion of treatment.

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  1. You'll be a fabulous svelte bald man: Ed Harris all the way! Sorry to hear that it is getting hard but I would have been worried if you were ever able to characterize chemo as "a cake walk." Love ya baby.-Michael