Eating Dirt


Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Blood work looks very good. The doctor said I was handling the treatments very well. He looked surprised as he said this. May have been because I was in "logic" mode and was pushing to schedule the next round of treatment, the Nuelasta shot, and next doctor's appointment. I'm going to Idaho on July 2nd and was pushing the doctor to schedule his appointment around that. Basically if I'm doing well with this, I get to have a life also.

Monday was my hard day again. This time getting dizzy and head rushes. Just a few moments but enough to make me lay down. My energy level came back around Tuesday evening and gets better everyday.

Now to "Eating Dirt".
A good friend stopped by last night and brought me dirt from a church in Mexico. It is I guess "holy" dirt and cures anything. So, I have a dirt remedy, some kind of tea remedy, ginger, garlic, a Mexican cream, and some kind of supplement that I'm supposed to take.

Hmmm. I'm still letting western medicine take its course. But all these alternative therapies that have been suggested or given to me have a place also. By that I mean they are given/suggested out of love. Everyone wants to cure the cancer and are jumping into help. The problem with comparing western therapies to alternative therapies is proof. There are studies to back up western medicine and only anecdotal evidence for alternative therapies. But I believe that alternative/natural remedies have to have the belief quotient in order to work. This can't be tested in a lab. So if you believe eating dirt or massive amounts of garlic will cure the cancer, then it just might.

Consider the choice between taking natural supplements versus getting pump full of toxins. All things being equal, give me the garlic. But I've eaten garlic all my life and I still got cancer. Maybe I didn't eat enough.

Okay, get ready, a hippie moment:
What is the harm of sprinkling a few grains of holy dirt on some food? Ugh gross, right? What about injecting yourself with basically platinum, a poisonous metal? Someone gave me dirt that they believe in and have prayed over and it is "infused" with their love for me. Why reject the power of prayer? Why not believe in the power of God/Universe/{insert you favorite religious entity here} and that there is a power greater than or equal to western medicine.

Basically I take it all. Even the western medicine is "dispensed" with love. My oncologist doesn't hate me. He is giving me what he truly believes will help me. Same with the alternatives. Of course I'm not actually taking all the alternative therapies as I'm taking chemo. I have to believe in the chemo and not add all sorts of variables to the process. But when chemo is done and my next CT scan results come back, I might have to really investigate the alternatives. But probably not. I believe enduring four cycles of chemo is going to cure me. That is what I have to believe in right now.

I'm now planning a trip with a good friend to Key West in September. I told the oncologist that I'm going on this trip regardless of what happens. Of course September is the height of hurricane season. So I'll see if my current good luck streak holds out!

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  1. Whatever you believe we are behind you and love you. You are an inspiration.
    Heidi and Bill