End of Cycle 2


The 2nd cycle was a little harder than the first but not unbearable. I think it was the cold/flu I got the week before. More tired than the first week. Also had 2 days with hiccups. Nurses talked about prescribing Thorizine and Adavan. More pills. No. Stayed away from acidic foods (coffee, strawberries, etc) and did fine.

Best part of this cycle was having the two IV's put in during the week, both on the first try. The 2nd time the put in the IV (Thursday), I drank water and hot tea, but didn't drink as much water the day before. I did have them put on the heating pad on my arm before they attempted the insert.

Did pretty well during the week relying on my business partners. I would start working and get frustrated/angry (for no good reasons). Melissa and Scott picked up the slack for me.

Had energy Friday night. Maybe the Gatorade. Water gets pretty old and the Gatorade seems to hit the spot.

Going to get my hair trimmed down even further today. Patches started coming out. Not a big deal, but I will want my hair back!

Still have a little irritation with the surgery scar, but for the most part am walking around fine again.

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  1. Hey Chico. I'm glad to hear that it's going at least "that well" considering everything. Your crappy week beats even mine and I learned that I have to pay $5,200 for a new heat pump. (Let me think: chemo vs money: chemo, money? We have a winner!!!) I'm doin' my best to stimulate the economy while ol' nurse Wretched is tappin up veins on your arm and I got the better part of that deal. But just remember: you've got a hot face so you'll just have to work the Ed Harris look for a bit and enjoy the new attention that it will undoubtedly draw to the chiseled jaw line.

    I've said it before: you're a little bulldog and I know that you'll do your best to just barrel through this. I'm willing to bet that Scott and Melissa don't begrunge it at all.

    Love ya buddy and don't give the nurses or Tyler too hard of a time.

    PS: Would have commented sooner but Jim D. had to point out that I COULD comment. I'm not so into the blog thing...