2nd Cycle


I'm now on my 2nd cycle of chemo. The goal this week was to have the IV go in on the first try. After pestering numerous nurses the following seemed to work like a charm.

Day before chemo, drank about 64 - 80 oz of water.
Day of chemo in the morning had a cup of coffee, 20oz of water, and cup of hot tea. Wore long sleeve shirt and asked for a heating pad before the IV was put in. The trick was lots of fluids and keeping the forearm warm.

Loosing more of my hair. Now it is blotchy so I need to get in to get it trimmed further down. I do want my hair back, but I can live with hats for a while. It is funny, I have never really felt the breeze on my scalp.

Mom has been with me this week and that has been good. Nurses thought it was funny we were playing a dice game. It is nice to have her around.

So far this week things are more under control. By taking the Prilosec I only had a few hiccups on Tuesday as opposed to the first Tuesday where the hiccups/heartburn were out of control. I still take at least one Campazine (anti-nausea pill) which helps with the hiccups. Still a bit of steroid rage but I sense it pretty quickly. Slept 2 hours after getting home from treatment (after making a stop at a book store and the grocery store). Then slept pretty well during the night (up only once to go to the bathroom).

Getting to the point that I barely notice any surgery pain. Also the cold/flu I got last week is clearing up.

So, so far so good this week!

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