Sick and Hair

So it wasn't bone pain from the Nuelasta shot. I just got a cold. Need to get over this before chemo next week.

I may be starting to loose my hair today. Ran my hand through my head and came out with a lot of hair. My hair had started to feel "brittle" the past week and I was hoping this wouldn't happen. Oh well.

Okay, a special message to those who have mentioned shaving their head if I lost my hair.
While a very nice sentiment, if you shave your head, every time I see you it will remind me that I lost my hair. So don't shave your head for my sake. We'll see just how much hair I actually loose.

Wow, I keep having these positive thoughts and think I will get around the side effects. What the hell.

Went and got my head shaved. So far I guess it is okay. Not really happy about it, but better than watching my hair fall out, clump by clump. Waiting to see if even the stubble falls out. Still growing facial hair, but slower than usual.


  1. Hi Robert,

    Kira shared your blog with me. I like the new "do". Stay positive and hang in there - we're thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. As someone once told my cousin during a difficult health crisis, "It's no hill for a climber".

    Take care, Lisa P.

  2. Hi,

    Michael gave me your blog address and I read through it all this morning. You have been through a huge number of things in not much time. I think your blog is doing all the things you had hoped. It will give you a record of what has happened and will let everyone keep up with your progress without feeling like we're pestering you. And it will be good information for others who are facing the same thing.

    I will be thinking of you, praying for a quick full recovery and hoping that all will go well and easily.