End of Cycle 1


So ends my first week of chemo. Side effects: Heartburn, hiccups, tired (fatigue seems a little strong), maybe a touch of nausea (but didn't wait to find out). Worst is keeping the IV in over night Mon - Wed and Thur - Fri. Finished treatment, went to lunch with Dane, went to pharmacy to pick up Prilosec and Emend pills. Then took a hot bath (to continue healing the surgery scar) and shower.

Have an appointment next Monday to do blood work, meet with the doctor, take my pill to boost my white blood cells, and schedule my next cycle of treatments.

Lesson learned: Just a long haul sickness and my treatments will be done in July. Still nothing compared to what others have to go through. Except for the mild side-effects and surgery, I'm not in pain. It is just the situation and wanting not to be there.

Friday night sleep the worst. Saturday not to bad.

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  1. Okay, after reading several of your entries, I have decided that I am going to forgo the whole "getting cancer" thing.