Welcome to my blog about my fight with testicular cancer.
This blog serves about three purposes.

  • The first purpose is to have a place where friends and family can see updates on my progress with testicular cancer.

  • The second purpose is a place where other guys with testicular cancer can get some non-medical, "what the hell is this going to be like" information. Information more on the journey than the science.

  • The third purpose will be for me to use this as a journal of this latest life challenge. So the blog may have a journal feel to it.

This blog should probably be rated at a PG-13. Some of the information will be pretty frank and specific to male functions. I'm not sure how I'm going to "warn" of those sections, because, well, I have cancer. I get a break! :-)

I have a very positive attitude about this fight. I'm Stage III A, non-seminoa but still in the Good Risk category. I have already had my Left Radical Orchiectomy (left testicle removal) and have just started chemo. My chemo treatments are Monday - Friday (3-6 hours), 2 weeks off, then repeat 3 more times. I'll be done with chemo in July 2009 at which point I will have beaten back the cancer and will be "cured". Oh sure, the surgeon still wants to talk about surgery options, but as you will read later in the blog, I'm not inclined to take that option and its "quality of life" risk.


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  1. It's so fantastic that you are keeping a journal of these times. Not only for yourself but for others who may also benefit from some wisdom, alleviation of anxiety, and the frank honesty you may impart. No matter how close or far away your friends and family may be, know that we are always with you in our thoughts and in your spirit :)

    You are an incredible, generous, thoughtful, loving, caring,and beautiful man. Know that and do the best you can every day. I love you!

    :) Esther