Surgical Appointment

April 15th, 2009 - Surgeon appointment.
My testicle doesn't really hurt much so I'm going to skip the appointment (ha, ha). Tyler and I are going to the appointment at 1pm today. Still nervous – having more and more anxious moments today. Still worried about everyone else at this point. Jeremy told me I'm going to have to “own this” and let people worry about me. If it is a really bad (or maybe even slightly bad) diagnosis, I am going to have to let people help.

Tyler has been great so far. I can see the concern in his eyes. He seems to be getting prepared also.
Everyone I know has asked to be called after this appointment for an update. Depending on the outcome I may not be able to update everyone today. Would have to set up a conference call.

Will call family first. Then Jeremy. Jeremy called last night to let me know I can call him any time, go out for coffee, or whatever I need. While everyone is concerned, I truly think Jeremy is going to be my greatest resource of knowledge and insight. I'll also get insight from Tyler's mom once things start going.

So, the appointment wasn't to bad. Surgery scheduled for Monday to remove my left testicle. Then wait to find out. Called a lot of people and said about the same things. Nurses were good to Tyler at the urology center. Mom keeps making me laugh with slip-up comments about being “disfigured” and “castration”. John said if my “boss” (who is me) wouldn't give me time off for the surgery/healing that to let him know and he would call him and tell him what an asshole he is. Okay.... brother makes a point. Dane said she is going to come over Tuesday with brownies/ice cream to stay with me so Tyler can go back to work. Although I know that I have a lot of people pulling for me, it is still amazing just how many.

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