The Oncologist

I have been told many, many times by many people this is the most important step and choice. You have to like and trust your oncologist. Otherwise find another.

Have Warren working on the doors, electrician installing lights by the driveway, some other guy here also. Busy morning with a client. Melissa thinks we are insane.
Got my records from TUCC. Going to the oncologist meeting in about 15 minutes. Busy, busy morning and got a little tired but rebounded pretty quick.

Well, okay....let's go!
Was nervous waiting to be seen at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Dropped my wallet while trying to put my license and insurance card back in. Told the receptionist that I'm must be a bit nervous. She smiles and said everyone is, but things will be fine.

Met with Dr. Bergen and Jess (triage nurse). Both Tyler and I like them very much.
I like how he thinks. Considered a pet scan but then determined along with Tyler that it would be in-conclusive and a waste of time.
Glad Tyler went with me!

The doctor is about our age, probably a bit younger. Great personality. Went through the whole process from staging to post-treatment. Has interned with the local specialist here in Colorado.

Tyler brought up his concern that my neck was swollen on one side. The doctor immediately took us to the exam room and checked it out. I thought it was great that he addressed Tyler's concern immediately.

The doctor also convinced me that we need to start immediately. I'm Stage III A, but that I'm still at a Good Risk level for treatment. He said I'm no where close to Lance Armstrong. Yeah, I like this doctor. I told him about the IUG Conference and that it was important to me that I attend. He said he thought it would be more important for me to make it to 80 years old. Well, okay, point taken. He is serious when he needs to be, laughs at the appropriate moments, and passed my tests.

My treatment is going to be the EP Treatment which is Etoposide/Cisplatin. The treatment schedule is M-F, (6 hours Monday, 4 hours T-F), followed by 2 weeks chemo holiday. This will repeat 3 times through July. Chicago conference is definitely out. Should make it to Idaho and hoping to make it to IUG Conference. The IUG trip happens Saturday, one day after my Friday chemo treatment.

Jess, the nurse, met with me for another hour and a half going over meds, procedures, what to watch for etc. I asked if I was being foolish about seeing how I felt Thursday and making a determination about going to California. She told me I would be able to make that determination and it wasn't foolish. Just stay hydrated, eat, take my pills.

Everyone at the treatment center has a good personality and will lead me through this just fine. A couple of times I had massive info overload. Jess told me not to worry, they will step me through this.

Melissa is worried about me going on the IUG trip. My deal with her is that I will be 100% honest with myself and that it isn't just me in the car. Her side of the bargain is to truly hope that I can go.

Mom asked if she should come out right away. No. It will stress her out, Tyler out, and most importantly stress me out.

Nurse gave me my prescriptions for anti-nausea pills. Decided to go to the Wheat Ridge Pharmacy instead of a supermarket or chain pharmacy. This will be one of the best decisions I make during this whole process!

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