Yea and Owww!


Well, first the yea part. Got to enjoy an adult relationship with Tyler Friday. Still trying to keep this blog "clean". Still have the incision "don't touch that" thing, but overall it was great. It had been to long.

Worked in the yard on Saturday, still feeling pretty good.

Then along comes Sunday. Wake up feeling fine. Have coffee and sit down in front of the computer. Got up to get my second cup of coffee. Owwww! What the hell was that? This is a whole body owww. At first thought it was from working in the yard Saturday.... sore muscles. But it didn't really feel like sore muscles. Oh shit, I think this is the bone pain from the Nuelasta shot last Monday. Thought I had gotten around that. The pain isn't constant if I don't move. Just sneezed and my whole body reacted. I'm going to see how long this lasts before taking one of the Vicadin.

So far it isn't horrible pain, just some sharp pains and a dull ache. Yeah, this is soooo much fun. Glad I'm basically healthy, I don't know how other people would deal with this. I was planning on trying to get back to the gym since my surgery pain was subsiding, but damn!

The pain is mainly in my upper legs. A little bit in the knees and shoulders. Holy shit, western medicine is making me an old man! ;-)

So, a couple of things to keep in mind. During chemo, the effects start around Wednesday with the slight nausea and general "unwell" feeling. By Friday my energy is sapped. Need to keep walking Toby and hopefully get back to the gym. Got my energy back by the following Tuesday. Felt great! Now, I think bone pain starts one week after the Nuelasta shot. I need to see how long this pain lasts. Hopefully only today.

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