Chemo continues

This morning got up around 3:40am and did some work. I started on the blog today and published a Welcome blog.
Drinking some coffee, see if a bowel movement is going to happen.
Driving myself to chemo today. Still a little disconcerting but will get used to it as time goes on.

Drive to chemo was fine. Did some work, watched a movie on the laptop. Didn't eat as much as Monday. Symptom today was hiccups/heartburn. Drank some baking soda/cold water to help. Helped for a little bit. Deep breaths and drinking water seem to help the most.
Oh and another symptom has come up. I think I might have had two cases of “rhoid rage”. They gave me steroids Monday and with Mom and Melissa I got angry. Not at them, but while talking to them. I was trying to cut the conversation off because I knew I was angry and I'm not sure they understood what was going on.

It has been 3 days of no cigarettes. Well...., start the clock again. I had one cigarette in the afternoon. But that was it.

Wednesday: Can't wait to get this IV out, so I can take a real shower when I get home. Taking modified showers since the surgery is driving me nuts (no pun intended).
The heartburn/hiccups continue and I'm starting to have that "I don't want to go" feeling. Tired and ache. Really starting to wonder if going to the IUG Conference is going to happen. I'm trying to get more rest and figure out if by Monday some of the side-effects wear off a bit. I can't see spending money on going if I end up just laying in a hotel. We'll see what Thursday brings. When I weighed in today I was up to 192 pounds. Looks like I'm getting "chemo fat". All the fluids pumping in and hanging out. "two more days, two more days, two more days". Then a two week break!

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