Days befoe Treatment

Went to the Newberry office, Alliance office, lunch, and back home. I think my surgery pain is finally subsiding. Seems to feel better and better each day for the past couple of days.
Got next week lined up with people to take me to treatment. Still holding out hope that I will be able to drive myself.
I've opted-out of side-effects. Don't want them and not going to have them!

Dane came over and showed me the blog she set up. Tyler told Rich that I needed to get my haircut and that Rich needed to fit me in since, well, you know, I have Cancer. :-) Made me laugh. Dane went with me to the haircut. Rich slipped and buzzed a small spot on the side of my head. I told him I didn't want my cancer haircut just yet. Did a lot of laughing and making jokes.
Dane and I went to Target to get some things for next week. Snacks, water flavor crystals, and yes tried underwear again. Dane and I had underwear out on the the floor of Target comparing medium to large. Told her if buying large didn't work this time that was it!
Tried on the large underwear. Finally!! I was about to take a Vicadin, but once I achieved separation, I decided not to.

Went to Tyler's B-day party at Kelley's. So I had a busy Saturday and still no Vicadin. Bill took a picture of my scar. Can barely see it. We discussed whether or not to take a picture of my scrotum so that other guys can see that there really seems to be no visual difference. I'm still thinking about that. Beginning to understand why I couldn't find any pictures out there!

I have been sitting at the computer since 5:30 am working. Doing very well with the pain.
Also slapped a nicotine patch on my arm this morning. I don't want to smoke during chemo and am hoping this will be it for cigarettes. I'm amazed at how much the patch is helping. I didn't think I had as many nicotine cravings vs psych cravings. I've only had 3 psych cravings so far. I finished some code (time to smoke), I finished my shower (time to smoke), I called Scott about some code (time to smoke). I'm very positive about quitting today.

Okay, needed to update the journal, back to work (or rest), well laundry first.

Took the nicotine patch off. Seemed to be giving me a bit of diarrhea.

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