Migraines and more


Started to get a headache in the afternoon that turned into a full migraine by 7pm. Tried taking a Vicadin and aspirin. Neither made any difference because within 15 minutes I was throwing up. This is 14 days after my last chemo. I had the same thing happen about 12 days after the first cycle of chemo. So I don't know if this is really related to chemo or just a lucky coincidence that I get food poisoning between chemo treatments.

Of course I'm dreading next week (3rd cycle). I just need to put myself in a better mindset. Last night didn't help, but at least by the end of next week I'll only have one more cycle to go.

At this point, the only thing really bothering me about the surgery is the scar. It is almost fully healed and I've now been to the gym twice. After the gym the surgery area (scar and upper left leg) begin to feel sore but not to bad.

Still amazing that all of this (surgery and chemo) has happened in 2 months, since the surgery was April 20th.

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